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Losing our Soul: Aretha Franklin dead at 76



Aretha Franklin

Soul and R&B legend Aretha Franklin passed away Thursday after a battle with cancer. The announcement of her passing came just three days after a family source reported she was in hospice care. She was 76.

Franklin’s music career spanned six decades. She left school in her mid-teens to begin recording. By then, she was an accomplished gospel singer, trained and featured in herfather’s Detroit church.

With her father, C.L. Franklin, a minister and well-known gospel singer himself, the young Franklin toured the gospel circuit with the likes of Mahalia Jackson, Clara Ward, and Sam Cooke.

While she would go on to pile up a massive number of hits across multiple music charts, her best-selling album technically remains a multi-artist gospel compilation recorded early in her career in Los Angeles.

Aretha Franklin

From gospel to soul

She eventually caught the attention of legendary talent scout John Hammond, who also discovered Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen. He signed Franklin up with Columbia Records in 1960.

After years of minimal success, Aretha Franklin left Columbia and signed with Atlantic Records. They quickly matched her up with a gritty rhythm section from Muscle Shoals. Aretha Franklin was now a soul and R&B singer.

Franklin later told an interviewer from the All Music Guide she was beginning to think she would never record a gold record. By the end of her second year with Atlantic, she owned ten top-ten hits.

Why everyone loved Aretha Franklin’s music

Aretha Franklin did not just sing songs. She projected them into our lives with a passion and emotion that made listeners feel she was guiding them through a moment. You couldn’t help but listen and watch her eyes, because they let you into her soul.

Former president, Barack Obama, tweeted,“In her voice, we could feel our history all of it and in every shade – our power and our pain, our darkness and our light, our quest for redemption and our hard-won respect.

“She helped us feel more connected to each other, more hopeful, more human. And sometimes she helped us just forget about everything else and dance.”

The hits kept coming for Aretha Franklin

Known as the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin was the face of R&B in its heyday. It was only appropriate that she was the first woman enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

By then, she had 17 Top-Ten hits and won 18 Grammy Awards. The year before, her voice was declared a national treasure by the State of Michigan Legislature. Nasa had named an asteroid after her.

She would go on to sing at the presidential inaugurations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. President George W. Bush awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005. Every living ex-president issued statements of admiration for the iconic singer.

RESPECT… the Civil Rights Anthem

Civil Rights leaders acknowledged Mrs. Franklins dedication to their causes. Her anthem, “Respect” (written by Otis Redding), became a rallying cry for equal rights movements among minorities and women.

As a 20-year-old, Aretha Franklin took part in the Detroit Walk of Freedom. At the time it was the largest civil rights march in history. Martin Luther King gave a talk that foreshadowed his “I Have a dream” speech. Franklin was mesmerized.

Years later, King would award Franklin a coveted leadership award. Soon after, Aretha Franklin became the second woman of color to grace the cover of Time magazine. Franklin sang King’s favorite gospel song at his funeral.

The legacy of Aretha Franklin will live on

Aretha Franklin died in her home surrounded by her family. Survivors include four children and multiple grandchildren and extended family. They issued a statement that said in part,

“We have been deeply touched by the incredible outpouring of love and support we have received from close friends, supporters,and fans all around the world.Thank you for your compassion and prayers. We have felt your love for Aretha and it brings us comfort to know that her legacy will live on.”


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Watch Joshua vs Povetkin live stream – What TV channel will it be online UK



Joshua vs Povetkin

Anthony Joshua “one of the big fighter of all time” continues his defense of three heavyweight belts when he faces Alexander Povetkin at Wembley tonight. Watch Povetkin vs Joshua live stream Wembley tonight on sky sports Box Office. Joshua is the most famous fighter of the current time, especially in young fans. he is the IBF, WBA and IBO title holder but he is now only 21-0 . last time he did defeat Joseph Parker Joseph Parker in Cardiff last March.

joshua Povetkin fight will be more then just a fight but all eyes will be on this bout because it’s a huge rumorous if Joshua wins today he will fight next with Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury among the names mentioned.

What TV channel will it be on?

The fight Joshua vs Povetkin is being shown on Sky Box Office in the UK, which is on channel 491 for standard definition and channel 492 for high definition.

How much will it cost to watch Joshua vs Povetkin?

joshua vs Povetkin will be £19.95, with a £5 increase for telephone bookings made tomorrow, on the day of the fight.

How to watch the fight in the UK?

For those with Sky:

Subscribers can purchase the fight online here, through their box or online the telephone – 03442 410 888. If you’re calling from the Republic of Ireland, it’s: 0818 220 225.

Joshua vs Povetkin

How can I live stream the fight?

With Sky Sports Box Office you can watch the fights live via your PC/Desktop/MAC, NOW TV box, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet.

It’s simple to sign up, pay and watch – create an account and pay at

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Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time



Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time

Do you know the Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time?.  What are the most watched videos on YouTube that are not aimed at kids or not music related at all? I scoured YouTube and I was able to find ten, yes just TEN videos in the top 1000 videos of all time with the most views. I was shocked; I thought without a doubt I would find at least 100 that were not music related or aimed at children. Let’s talk about each of the videos!.

10) My Ex-Girlfriends Best Mate Rank: 963rd

I did rank My Ex-Girlfriends Best Mate Rank: 963rd i the top 10 for Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos.  I have no idea why on earth this video has over 235 million views. I tried to find why the video has so many views but I could not find anything; if someone knows please let us know in the comment section. The video is a classic sitcom; a girl breaks up with her boyfriend and then months later the boyfriend starts seeing the girl’s best friend. The girl comes over while the boyfriend is at the best friend’s house and then the girl is upset and friendships are ruined. The acting is not very good in this video; my guess would be that people find the video cringe worthy and funny which is why it has so many views.

9) An experiment Rank: 844th

I will rank  “An experiment Rank: 844th” is the 9th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time.  I know that so many people remember finding out about the crazy reaction that happens when you combine diet coke and mentos. This video features a young woman who has cut a small hole in the top of a diet coke bottle and she quickly places a few mentos in a bottle of diet coke and closes the bottle. She celebrates as the diet coke explodes out of the small incision perfectly. This is a good video and I am sure it had a lot of viewers from young men who found the girl attractive.

8) BallsCrash Rank: 823rd

I will rank  “BallsCrash Rank: 823rd” is the 8th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. The video is an absolute classic moment that so many men can relate to. A father and his little girl are laying on a bed relaxing and playing when the daughter brings her foot up and forcefully smashes it down in between her father’s crotch. The dad instantly writhes in pain as many other men have done before him and the little girl and mom both laugh hysterically. A great short video that will be sure that make anyone laugh!

7) thigh massage video Rank: 819th

I will rank  “thigh massage video Rank: 819th” is the 7th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. I have a few questions about this video, how did it get so many views, why is the video so old and short? It is a very interesting video to say the least; I would guess that the video was made some time during the 1970s and it features a middle aged man giving massage tips. The video has over 282 million views which begs the question; who is watching this video? My guess would be people are astounded that this video has this many views and they show their friends because it is such an bizarre phenomenon and the video is short enough to check out.

6) Dog Functional Rank: 790th

I will rank  “Dog Functional Rank: 790th” is the 6th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This is a great video if you like dogs or own a dog. The woman in the video lays it out in simple terms on how to discipline your dog and if your dog is misbehaved at all you should give the video a watch as it is always good to learn about forming a better relationship with your dog. I can see why the video has so many views as there is a hilarious outtake section at the end of the video that will make you want to watch the video multiple times.

5) 3yo William Diving down to get his ‘Toypedo’ torpedo Rank: 525th

I will rank  ” 3yo William Diving down to get his ‘Toypedo’ torpedo Rank: 525th” is the 5th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This adorable video shows a three year old William diving down to the bottom of a pool to grab his toy torpedo. He is an amazing swimmer for just being three years old and I think that is a large part in why this video has so many views. I cannot think of a single three year old that I know that can even come close to swimming as well as William does; he is simply astonishing at such a young age.

4) Toddler Car Jacking Rank: 417th

I will rank  “Toddler Car Jacking Rank: 417th” is the 4th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This is a hilarious short video that shows two toddler aged children jostling over a small toy car. The boy sitting in the car has his arm pulled by his presumably older brother to try and get him out of the toy car while the younger boy is holding on to dear life to stay in the car and defy his sibling. It is a simple but relatable video as I am sure that many of us had brothers and sisters and we fought over toys with disastrous end results. The comments are disabled for the video which is disheartening as I am sure there was plenty of hate filled comments aimed at the loving family.

3) Get Ready for YouTube Rewind 2016 | #RewindisComing Rank: 411th

I will rank  “RewindisComing Rank: 411th” is the 3rd position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This is an extremely short video by YouTube advertising their video for their Rewind 2016 video for that year. I was surprised that this video was close to 500 million views on YouTube and I could not figure out why the video had so many views. The video is only 15 seconds long and it offers no replayability. But, for whatever reason YouTube’s video is ranked much higher than a lot of other videos in the top 500. I wonder if YouTube pushed this video on their front page back in 2016 in order to try and drive more viewers to their rewind 2016 video.

Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time

2) Twin baby girls fight over pacifier Rank: 336th

I will rank  “Twin baby girls fight over pacifier Rank: 336th” is the 2nd position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This video is self explanatory right from the title. Two twin baby girls are taking one pacifier from each other back and forth and each one cries when the other takes the pacifier away. The video went viral back in 2015 and it continues to garner views to this day. The video shows another very relatable experience from childhood just as the toddlers fighting over the toy car. Brothers and sisters will over fight over their possessions and will want what they cannot have.

1) Charlie Bit My Finger – Again! Rank: 172nd

I will rank  ” Charlie Bit My Finger – Again! Rank: 172nd” is the 1st position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This is a classic YouTube video that was first posted back in 2007. It is extremely impressive that Charlie has been able to stay in the top 500 videos after all of these years. The video sits at over 850 million views and I would not be surprised if it is the first non music or kid related video to break 1 billion views on YouTube. The video sits at 55 seconds long and in the video Harry, the older brother, sticks his finger into Charlie’s, the younger brother, mouth and is surprised when Charlie bites him. also you can read 13 Best Video Streaming Sites As Youtube Alternatives

He exclaims, “Ow Charlie bit me!” That catchphrase has been said on the internet and in person millions of times at this point. It is incredible that two little boys have had such a profound impact on our culture. So, what can we take away form this list? Kids and music are the two biggest driving forces of YouTube.

It makes sense when you think about; parents all around the world are desperately trying to keep their children entertained and YouTube offers great entertainment for free and hours upon hours of entertainment. Music appeals to everyone and pop music has a gigantic audience so it checks out that music is the majority of the top 500 most viewed YouTube videos. Even five out of the top ten videos have children in the video; again that is because a majority of the population has children and it relates to our most basic human instinct. What is your favorite YouTube video? Let us know in the comments!


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13 Best Video Streaming Sites As Youtube Alternatives




YouTube is becoming too big for its own good, but where else can we watch great content on the internet? We are going to show you 13 different places across the internet and talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each. These are the 13 Best Video Streaming Sites As Youtube Alternatives .


ESPN is a great place if you are looking for sports highlights and analysis. It is not focused just on videos thought so it is not the best place if you are looking for a pure YouTube alternative. ESPN’s interface is a bit outdated and it could be completely revamped. ESPN has been known for biased commentary which could annoy some potential viewers. ESPN still uses YouTube for most of their highlights so if you are looking for sports videos ESPN might not be the best place to check out.

2) Highlight Hub

Highlight Hub is a YouTube rip off that focuses only on sports highlights but they have several issues. One of the most obvious issues is that a lot of their recent content is from months ago. They do not have any recent content from this NFL season yet. From the looks of it the site seems to mostly be dead at this point. There is no active content on any of their social media accounts and it does not look like there is any way for users to submit their own content. They do have a nicely formatted website and all of their videos are in HD which is a plus. But, if you are looking for sports highlights then you should look elsewhere.

3) Vimeo

Vimeo was the first video upload service that offered high definition videos to its users. Vimeo has a decent amount of user uploaded content but its focus is on high quality content created by film-makers and other quality producers. It can be difficult to break into Vimeo if you are just starting off as a content producer. Vimeo does offer a good amount of tools to its content producers but you have to pay for them which can be prohibitive to people who are just starting out. Vimeo produces great content but the content is focused on short films which requires more time commitment. But, there are great videos worth checking out.

4) Metacafe

Metacafe used to be like Youtube and Vimeo but after about 9 years in business they found their focus. They specialize in short form video content in everything from video games, music labels, sports leagues, product reviews and how to defeat an incredibly difficult video game level. Metacafe gets significantly less users and views than YouTube which makes the content less high quality. Metacafe’s website is clunky and outdated; it needs a facelift if it ever hopes to compete with the likes of YouTube.

5) Crackle

Crackle focuses on original content and was the birthplace of the extremely popular series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. They are attempting to compete with the giants of the industry with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon all creating amazing content as well. They also focus on shorter length videos that are 5 minutes or less to try and compete with the likes of YouTube. Crackle is free if you live in the United States which is great for now but they will most likely be switching over to a paid model once they gain enough users.

6) Roar Tube

Roar Tube is the perfect place on the internet if you are looking for sports highlights. All of their highlights are incredibly in depth and they do not miss an important play in a game. One of the great things about the site is when a video is playing you can scroll down on the page and the video will follow you down the page so you can continue to watch it while you read comments. The site is relatively new so there is not much historical footage but I am sure a user will end up uploading a good amount of old content. Another great benefit is that the website is completely ad free and will not be changing that anytime soon. So, if you are looking for any sports highlights go to Roar Tube to see what they have to offer.



Instagram just recently launched a new service in their own app that is called Instagram TV or IGTV; and they also released a stand alone app for IGTV. Instagram had their biggest stars start creating video content for IGTV so if you cannot get enough of your favorite Instagram stars you should check out IGTV for even more content. IGTV has a limit of one hour videos which could limit the type of videos that are shown on the application.

8) Dailymotion

Dailymotion is one of YouTube’s biggest competitors as it is huge in Europe and Asia and for good reason. They focus their content on the cultural aspects of the countries that YouTube has failed to capitalize on. Dailymotion more or less looks like a YouTube clone and has HD videos with a very similar layout and similar categories. Dailymotion offers a good amount of content that you cannot find anywhere else so you should check out the videos that they offer.

9) Sports.Video

Sport.Video is an interesting service that allows users an easy way to upload their own sports highlight clips from anywhere. This is wonderful for parents and small teams to upload high quality content for anyone who wants to see it. This way they can share it with family members or their fans. This website fills a great need in the market and they have plenty of users all around the world. You can find plenty of interesting sports highlights and full games on the website. But, if you are looking for sports highlights from the biggest leagues then you will have no luck here.

10) Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming service that specializes in live video game streams. Twitch has been focusing on eSports recently as the market is growing at an extremely rapid pace and there is great potential for eSports to rival even leagues like the NFL. Twitch unfortunately does not save any of its live streams so you would have to go to somewhere like YouTube to watch old streams. Still, Twitch is growing to be one of the most visited places on the internet during peak internet hours and they are a force to be reckoned with. Twitch is owned by Amazon so there is a lot of Amazon advertising which is unfortunate.

11) Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report has quickly become one of the leaders in the new digital age, especially when it comes to sports. Their website is focused on news and analysis and not highlights or videos so this site is not the best one to check out if you are looking to just watch videos.

12) Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is very similar to Yahoo’s normal page, which is both good and bad. It will be familiar to users of Yahoo but the page looks outdated and could use some work. Yahoo Sports is great for fantasy sports but if you are looking for highlights it can be difficult to find on the website. Yahoo’s content is not the best as they are focused on news and their fantasy leagues.

13) Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated concentrates on commentary and it does not concentrate on actual sports highlights. Sports Illustrated has great content in their writing and videos but there is a limited number of them and a user will easily get bored on their website. Still, their website is worth checking out if you are a sports fan and want to catch up on the latest news and analysis.

YouTube is still the king of content and video platforms but there are several contenders that are gaining steam and could pose a threat to YouTube in the coming years. There is so much good content on the internet that you should check out these other sites just to enjoy all of the content that they have to offer.

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