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NFL Week 5: Falcons vs Steelers Game Preview



Falcons vs Steelers

Pittsburgh has their first game out of the national spotlight in three weeks, facing the Falcons at home in the early set Sunday.

Baltimore shut down the Steelers for the most part last week, allowing 14 points in a short stretch of the first half, before clamping down in their 26-14 victory.

Pittsburgh doesn’t anticipate a repeat performance against a Falcons defense that just gave up 80 points over two weeks to the Saints and Bengals.

Atlanta lost both of those games despite scoring 74 points of their own. Their defense is struggling after the loss of three starters since opening day. They could not make late-game stops that could have provided a win in either of the two contests.

Ben Roethlisberger has to be anxious to put last week’s struggles behind him against the Falcons secondary. Pittsburgh’s diminished running attack in the absence of Le’Veon Bell shouldn’t matter much in this game.

Matt Ryan undoubtedly looks forward to facing the Steelers secondary, too. Atlanta’s passing game has new life with the addition of rookie Calvin Ridley. Mohamed Sanu and Julio Jones find themselves more open. Even tight end Austin Hooper is seeing a few passes.

Running back Devonta Freeman will also return to the Falcons lineup after missing a few weeks with a knee injury. Freeman and Tevin Coleman are no liability in the pass game, either.

This could come down to which front line can put the most pressure on the opposing passer. Neither team can hold coverage very long in a normal game, but with the plethora of passing targets on the field, the defensive secondaries could be exhausted by halftime.

If you like offense, this could be a fun game to watch.

Falcons vs Steelers

How to watch the Steelers vs Falcons game:

Fox Sports will produce this early game and broadcast it in much of the Southeast and up into the Pittsburgh market for cable and satellite television viewers.

Millions of savvy NFL fans will follow the live stream of Pittsburgh-Atlanta on Sling TV or DirecTV Now. Fubo TV also offers live stream NFL action in most US markets.

Internet television is the answer to expensive satellite and television contracts. Americans everywhere are cutting the cord to take advantage of high definition, low-cost monthly subscriptions with no contract or expensive equipment.

YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, and PlayStation Vue also let you watch live stream NFL action on most NFL-contracted networks.

Check out the providers’ websites to see what they offer in your neighborhood.

Who will win the Steelers vs Falcons game?

Atlanta is desperate for a win after their two consecutive heartbreakers left them 1-3 and at the bottom of the NFC South standings. They face division rival Tampa Bay next week before the Giants send them on their bye.

Pittsburgh already has a loss and a tie in their division and don’t the 3-1 Bengals or Ravens to extend their lead. With rumors of a Le’Veon bell return coming soon, they want to stay close enough for it to matter.

Atlanta’s passing attack was ramped up when Freeman was injured. How the Falcon offense approaches this game could make a difference. With the problem their defense has stopping the ball, we expect them to keep the pedal down and chase points.

Roethlisberger is at home, which means the “good” Ben should show up. There is a little concern about the beating he took the past two weeks and the letdown of a “normal” game.

But that will prove to be unfounded. Pittsburgh’s defense will come through one more time than the Falcons’. But it will be fun. Final score: Steelers 44, Falcons 38




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NFL Week 6 Game Preview: Ravens vs Titans



NFL Week 6 Game Preview: Ravens (3-2) at Titans (3-2)

Their records indicate an even matchup, but when the Titans face the Ravens Sunday, they will have the advantage of being a team without a definitive identity playing a squad with a proven game plan.

Tennessee put themselves on top of the AFC South with creativity, as much as skill. They’ve survived an overtime thriller and a defensive slog. But, they lost an opening day shootout and come off a bitter last-second loss in another defensive gem.

What kind of team are the Titans? They are a running team that is not running well. They have a franchise quarterback who can’t carry them. Scrappy is the term that comes to mind when we see the manner in which they play. Never out of it, but never quite in control, either.

Meanwhile, Baltimore tries to exert authority behind a powerful defense and a veteran offense. Sometimes it works… and sometimes they lose a field goal battle to the Browns like they did in Week 5.

Both teams will try to rebound from unexpected losses to boost their 2018 playoff aspirations. But can the Baltimore defense keep the scrappy Titans under control? Can the scrappy Titans defense give Joe Flacco and company another week of disappointment?

Injuries and roster moves

Baltimore has three cornerbacks among five defensive players listed as questionable for Sunday’s game. Brandon Carr missed practice Wednesday and appears to be at risk for the game against the Titans.

Tennesse has a similar issue at linebacker. Wesley Woodyard, Robert Spillane, and Will Compton are all listed as questionable.

Safety Kenny Vaccaro is already ruled out for Week 6.

Offensive tackle Taylor Lewan is questionable with a foot injury.

Coaching matchup:

The Ravens 3-2 start has lessened discussions about John Harbaugh’s future after his 11th season in charge. Harbaugh followed up five straight years of playoff appearances with a Super Bowl Championship in 2012, but that was six years and only two winning records ago.

With long-time general manager Ozzie Newsome already announcing his retirement at the end of this season and a quarterback change imminent, Harbaugh’s departure would make a new regime truly complete.

Mike Vrabel’s first coaching experience hasn’t been easy, but he is getting the most out of a flawed team. Already, he’s adeptly worked around injuries to his quarterback and lead rusher, as well as a malcontent in the receiving corps to keep his team’s playoff aspirations in play.

How to watch the Ravens-Titans game

CBS will provide this late-game broadcast to fans in and around Tennessee and the greater Baltimore area. Many fans will watch the CBS Sports broadcast on Sling TV without the need for expensive cable or satellite providers.

Sling and other internet TV providers like DirecTV Now and Fubo TV, offer live stream NFL action at a fraction of the cost and without the lengthy contracts associated with traditional TV providers.

Let Sling give you the Ravens-Titans game for free during their trial offer to see how you can enjoy live stream NFL action on your favorite internet-connected device.

Who will win the Ravens-Titans game?

Baltimore is hoping division rival Pittsburgh the best this week as a Steelers victory could let the Ravens pull into a first-place tie with the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFC North if Baltimore can take care of the Titans.

Tennessee owns the AFC South tiebreaker with 3-2 Jacksonville, with another head-to-head battle still pending. They need a win to hold onto first place in the meantime.

The home fans in Nashville are anxious to see their Titans crack the tough Baltimore defense, but the odds seem to favor Baltimore holding serve.

Final score: Baltimore 17, Titans 12




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Watch Joshua vs Povetkin live stream – What TV channel will it be online UK



Joshua vs Povetkin

Anthony Joshua “one of the big fighter of all time” continues his defense of three heavyweight belts when he faces Alexander Povetkin at Wembley tonight. Watch Povetkin vs Joshua live stream Wembley tonight on sky sports Box Office. Joshua is the most famous fighter of the current time, especially in young fans. he is the IBF, WBA and IBO title holder but he is now only 21-0 . last time he did defeat Joseph Parker Joseph Parker in Cardiff last March.

joshua Povetkin fight will be more then just a fight but all eyes will be on this bout because it’s a huge rumorous if Joshua wins today he will fight next with Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury among the names mentioned.

What TV channel will it be on?

The fight Joshua vs Povetkin is being shown on Sky Box Office in the UK, which is on channel 491 for standard definition and channel 492 for high definition.

How much will it cost to watch Joshua vs Povetkin?

joshua vs Povetkin will be £19.95, with a £5 increase for telephone bookings made tomorrow, on the day of the fight.

How to watch the fight in the UK?

For those with Sky:

Subscribers can purchase the fight online here, through their box or online the telephone – 03442 410 888. If you’re calling from the Republic of Ireland, it’s: 0818 220 225.

Joshua vs Povetkin

How can I live stream the fight?

With Sky Sports Box Office you can watch the fights live via your PC/Desktop/MAC, NOW TV box, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet.

It’s simple to sign up, pay and watch – create an account and pay at

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Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time



Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time

Do you know the Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time?.  What are the most watched videos on YouTube that are not aimed at kids or not music related at all? I scoured YouTube and I was able to find ten, yes just TEN videos in the top 1000 videos of all time with the most views. I was shocked; I thought without a doubt I would find at least 100 that were not music related or aimed at children. Let’s talk about each of the videos!.

10) My Ex-Girlfriends Best Mate Rank: 963rd

I did rank My Ex-Girlfriends Best Mate Rank: 963rd i the top 10 for Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos.  I have no idea why on earth this video has over 235 million views. I tried to find why the video has so many views but I could not find anything; if someone knows please let us know in the comment section. The video is a classic sitcom; a girl breaks up with her boyfriend and then months later the boyfriend starts seeing the girl’s best friend. The girl comes over while the boyfriend is at the best friend’s house and then the girl is upset and friendships are ruined. The acting is not very good in this video; my guess would be that people find the video cringe worthy and funny which is why it has so many views.

9) An experiment Rank: 844th

I will rank  “An experiment Rank: 844th” is the 9th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time.  I know that so many people remember finding out about the crazy reaction that happens when you combine diet coke and mentos. This video features a young woman who has cut a small hole in the top of a diet coke bottle and she quickly places a few mentos in a bottle of diet coke and closes the bottle. She celebrates as the diet coke explodes out of the small incision perfectly. This is a good video and I am sure it had a lot of viewers from young men who found the girl attractive.

8) BallsCrash Rank: 823rd

I will rank  “BallsCrash Rank: 823rd” is the 8th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. The video is an absolute classic moment that so many men can relate to. A father and his little girl are laying on a bed relaxing and playing when the daughter brings her foot up and forcefully smashes it down in between her father’s crotch. The dad instantly writhes in pain as many other men have done before him and the little girl and mom both laugh hysterically. A great short video that will be sure that make anyone laugh!

7) thigh massage video Rank: 819th

I will rank  “thigh massage video Rank: 819th” is the 7th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. I have a few questions about this video, how did it get so many views, why is the video so old and short? It is a very interesting video to say the least; I would guess that the video was made some time during the 1970s and it features a middle aged man giving massage tips. The video has over 282 million views which begs the question; who is watching this video? My guess would be people are astounded that this video has this many views and they show their friends because it is such an bizarre phenomenon and the video is short enough to check out.

6) Dog Functional Rank: 790th

I will rank  “Dog Functional Rank: 790th” is the 6th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This is a great video if you like dogs or own a dog. The woman in the video lays it out in simple terms on how to discipline your dog and if your dog is misbehaved at all you should give the video a watch as it is always good to learn about forming a better relationship with your dog. I can see why the video has so many views as there is a hilarious outtake section at the end of the video that will make you want to watch the video multiple times.

5) 3yo William Diving down to get his ‘Toypedo’ torpedo Rank: 525th

I will rank  ” 3yo William Diving down to get his ‘Toypedo’ torpedo Rank: 525th” is the 5th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This adorable video shows a three year old William diving down to the bottom of a pool to grab his toy torpedo. He is an amazing swimmer for just being three years old and I think that is a large part in why this video has so many views. I cannot think of a single three year old that I know that can even come close to swimming as well as William does; he is simply astonishing at such a young age.

4) Toddler Car Jacking Rank: 417th

I will rank  “Toddler Car Jacking Rank: 417th” is the 4th position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This is a hilarious short video that shows two toddler aged children jostling over a small toy car. The boy sitting in the car has his arm pulled by his presumably older brother to try and get him out of the toy car while the younger boy is holding on to dear life to stay in the car and defy his sibling. It is a simple but relatable video as I am sure that many of us had brothers and sisters and we fought over toys with disastrous end results. The comments are disabled for the video which is disheartening as I am sure there was plenty of hate filled comments aimed at the loving family.

3) Get Ready for YouTube Rewind 2016 | #RewindisComing Rank: 411th

I will rank  “RewindisComing Rank: 411th” is the 3rd position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This is an extremely short video by YouTube advertising their video for their Rewind 2016 video for that year. I was surprised that this video was close to 500 million views on YouTube and I could not figure out why the video had so many views. The video is only 15 seconds long and it offers no replayability. But, for whatever reason YouTube’s video is ranked much higher than a lot of other videos in the top 500. I wonder if YouTube pushed this video on their front page back in 2016 in order to try and drive more viewers to their rewind 2016 video.

Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time

2) Twin baby girls fight over pacifier Rank: 336th

I will rank  “Twin baby girls fight over pacifier Rank: 336th” is the 2nd position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This video is self explanatory right from the title. Two twin baby girls are taking one pacifier from each other back and forth and each one cries when the other takes the pacifier away. The video went viral back in 2015 and it continues to garner views to this day. The video shows another very relatable experience from childhood just as the toddlers fighting over the toy car. Brothers and sisters will over fight over their possessions and will want what they cannot have.

1) Charlie Bit My Finger – Again! Rank: 172nd

I will rank  ” Charlie Bit My Finger – Again! Rank: 172nd” is the 1st position for  Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of All Time. This is a classic YouTube video that was first posted back in 2007. It is extremely impressive that Charlie has been able to stay in the top 500 videos after all of these years. The video sits at over 850 million views and I would not be surprised if it is the first non music or kid related video to break 1 billion views on YouTube. The video sits at 55 seconds long and in the video Harry, the older brother, sticks his finger into Charlie’s, the younger brother, mouth and is surprised when Charlie bites him. also you can read 13 Best Video Streaming Sites As Youtube Alternatives

He exclaims, “Ow Charlie bit me!” That catchphrase has been said on the internet and in person millions of times at this point. It is incredible that two little boys have had such a profound impact on our culture. So, what can we take away form this list? Kids and music are the two biggest driving forces of YouTube.

It makes sense when you think about; parents all around the world are desperately trying to keep their children entertained and YouTube offers great entertainment for free and hours upon hours of entertainment. Music appeals to everyone and pop music has a gigantic audience so it checks out that music is the majority of the top 500 most viewed YouTube videos. Even five out of the top ten videos have children in the video; again that is because a majority of the population has children and it relates to our most basic human instinct. What is your favorite YouTube video? Let us know in the comments!


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