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Don Jacks – Editor and Publisher

Don serves as publisher and editor for and has been published on numerous technology news, entrepreneur, sports, and finance sites.

Patrick Opperman – Editor

Recently, I retired from real life to devote more time to writing and missionary work. My experiences in the world of sports, politics, religion, business, education, healthcare and more provide me with the starting points to handle a variety of writing assignments, with sports, faith, and politics my strongest venues.

Douglas Braxton – Associate Editor and Contributor

Douglas is an associate editor for The Sentry Tribune. Besides that he also plays the part of senior correspondence for The Business News. He graduated from the University of Aston. Douglas is a veteran journalist mainly specializing in business and finances related news. He is well-known or his very straight forward and articulate writing.

Stefani Robinson – Contributor

Stefani has worked in financial fraud investigations for an international bank for the past seven years and prior to that worked for a major credit card company and in consumer credit repair.

She has lived in severe money straights and learned proper money management the hard way, her mother always adds “just like everything else.”

Renee Johnson – Contributor

While some writers create work for specific genres, Renee considers herself an all-around author. In addition to contributions on her favorite topics to include finance, technology, and news, she also writes about health, sports, and celebrities.

Franklin Zain – Contributor

Franklin is a former professor in Harvard Business School. He is mainly know through his blog where he has amassed thousands of followers, most of them being small and middle income earners. He writes in simple terms how saving and investments are related and gateway to wealth accumulation. He has also authored several books on motivation as well as finance.

Liam Curtis – Contributor

Liam is a personal finance specialist from Chicago. He co-owns an accounting firm; Curtis & Sons Associates together his wife Amy Robinson Curtis. He is also a major contributor in top finance journals such as Forbes, Investopedia, Washington Times, Business Insider among others. He has been featured in many interviews in several broadcast stations to talk about personal finance management issues.

Susan Homes – Contributor

Susan is a professional writer who is able to express her views in the most articulate manner no matter how complex the issue at hand may be. She is known for her great sense of humour and always teasing her colleagues in the office. She lives in Buffalo with her husband, a financial analyst and four children.

Stephanie Adams – Contributor

Stephanie is a professional blogger and freelancer who is all rounded when it comes to writing. She is able to make her writings very interesting for her readers. She is known to bring out her great sense of humour very well in her writing hence making them very interesting to read.

Her favorites would fall under fashion and trends, health and fitness, celebrity news and as well as politics and business.

Caroline Blige – Contributor

Caroline has been practising journalism for close to ten years now. Her main area of specialization is money markets. She graduated from the University of Braxton. Miss Blige is known to bring out this topic of money markets in a way that the lay man is able to understand quite well hence her growing popularity.